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I created this blog in the 8th grade at 13 years old. With this blog I hope to help children and teens answer questions about living a happy and healthy lifestyle with Arthritis and Lupus. I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE at 7 years old and JRA Juvenille Rheumetoid Arthritis at 2 years old. And I have recently been diagnosed with Stills Disease. I have been able to live a very active lifestyle with the support of my family and friends.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy through the Fevers

For me, when I listen to music, or play an instrument, the aches of Lupus, and the pain of Arthritis go away. If you're not musically inclined, find a hobby you enjoy, to keep your mind off of your sickness. Find something that will never get boring, like reading or model making. I get so bored when I am home sick, so I have tried everything to keep me from going out of my mind. I have found that playing music, singing, or doing an art project will keep me occupied, and that TV gets boring. Also, getting books on c.d. from the library will keep your interest for hours when you're are too sick to read a paperback. I have missed about 8O days per school year for the past three years, and when I have a fever, I can do absolutely nothing. My mind will not work and I have enormous fatigue. Music has got me through the worst of my Lupus Flares and I hope that you find a hobby that will pull you through.

-Venice the "Blogmaster"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Venice,

It sure seems that nothing keeps you from accomplishing whatever you want. Please come back to the cottage sometime to perfect your'e slalom skiing.